This flash-based version of the lake level chart data is now retired. The newer version can be found here.

Pawtuckaway Lake, Nottingham, NH, Levels at Dolloff Dam

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"Official "Summer Level" is 250.4' USGS (25' Local).
Official "Winter Level" is 243.4' USGS (18' Local) corresponding to a normal 7' drawdown."

Proposed new drawdown level: -4.82 ft (src: Tom Duffy email June 2012)

Chart created by Jack Hodgson using Google Charts Tools, based on data from NH DES.

Datatable parsed list:

First leg: 248.23 (-2.17) Last leg: 246.98 (-3.42)

Past years drawdown milestones

Key: date | # days since start

-0 ft.2014-10-142013-10-162012-10-072011-10-122010-10-12
-1 ft.2014-10-2172013-10-2482012-10-20132011-10-25132010-10-208
-2 ft.2014-10-29152013-10-29132012-10-25182011-11-07262010-10-2715
-3 ft.2014-11-03202013-11-04192012-10-29222011-11-15342010-11-0120
-4 ft.2014-11-08252013-11-10252012-11-13372011-11-21402010-11-0625
-5 ft.2014-11-22392013-12-17622012-12-04582011-12-07562010-11-2241
-6 ft.2014-02-091162013-01-201052012-01-19992010-12-0554
-7 ft.